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  • How do newbies apply lip glaze? What should I pay attention to when applying lip glaze?


    Most people will smear lipstick, but lip glaze is different. Not everyone can apply it well.How to apply lip glaze for novicesPreparation tools: lip glaze, concealer or liquid foundation, lip brush, lip pencilStep 1: Novices don't know how to apply lip glaze, so before applying lip glaze, it is best Read More

  • Basic makeup procedures


    Makeup is like a woman's magic weapon, and make-up is a professional knowledge and technique, especially the make-up procedure can make female friends look new. Generally speaking, the make-up process can be divided into a ten-step process of base makeup, set makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, l Read More

  • Can the eyeshadow be used normally after the expiration date?


    After the eyeshadow expires, you can no longer continue to use it. The expired eyeshadow means that it has begun to deteriorate, and the deteriorated things are still being used, especially the very fragile part of the eyes, which may cause adverse skin reactions. Therefore, the eyeshadow after the Read More

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