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Skin Care Manufacturer Since 1994

For more than 27 years, our factory has produced cosmetics in a manufacturing environment that thoroughly follows the GMP standards of the industry.

Great care and attention to hygiene have been a priority to our manufacturing as this signifies our quality and makes our brand more reliable.

Custom Formulation Development

In addressing the variety of skin and health care concerns, our R&D team has developed different kinds of formulas based on their years of experience.

Look for suitable off-the-shelf formulation or make use of our OEM services to design new skincare products. Our team helps produce the desired fragrance to meet the preferences of your market.

Efficiently Filling Contents

It is needed in Taimeng to fill precise contents and avoid contamination of emulsified lotions.


The machines we have are used in filling emulsion products or producing solid state cosmetics like lipstick with custom formulas and moulds.


Through adjustable filling machines and semi-automatic filling machines for irregular containers, we achieve high quality and precision at this stage.

Assembly and Packaging

Final manual assembly and packaging help with making your cosmetic products complete and outstanding.


The production capacity of our 12 lines has enabled us to quickly mass produce our cosmetic items thanks to powerful machinery and skilled workers. Get the most from a fast production that meets your deadlines.

Our company with arich purification experiences in past years and sophisticated column seperation acilitie. We have been supplying the academia with reference.




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