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  • What category does lip balm belong to?


    Many people do not know what category of cosmetics lip balm belongs to?Lip balm belongs to cosmetics, generally belonging to the lip care category. For everyone, although there are many types of lip balm, it is still necessary to choose the lip balm that suits you. A good lip balm can firmly lock in Read More

  • Is it safer for adults to use Children's cosmetics?


    Is it safer for adults to use Children's cosmetics?I believe that many of my friends have such questions in their hearts. Why are many cosmetics on the market specially marked with "Children's cosmetics." What is the difference between these cosmetics and adult cosmetics? Are Children's Cosmetics Sa Read More

  • How do you apply makeup to children?


    Before applying makeup, wash the child's face and apply moisturizer or lotion. This step is crucial. A good moisturizer will lay a good foundation for the makeup process before applying the foundation so that when proceeding to the next step, the face will not have dry skin, especially for young chi Read More

  • Safety science knowledge of Children's cosmetics


    What are Children's cosmetics?Children's cosmetics generally refer to cosmetics for children under 12 years old (including 12 years old) because children and adults have different skin structures, characteristics, and functional requirements. The central role of Children's cosmetics is general prote Read More

  • Can children apply lip gloss?


    Due to the seasons, children are prone to chapped lips in spring. Chapped lips will make the baby's lips look unsightly and may also lead to children's health problems. So, how to choose a bright lip gloss for children?So how to choose lip gloss for children? At present, there are many lip glosses o Read More

  • Can adults use Children's cosmetics?


    Children's cosmetics are different from adult cosmetics. Children's cosmetics are suitable for children of a certain age. Some people think that Children's cosmetics are safer than adult cosmetics and can be used by adults for a long time, but this idea is not entirely correct.Children's cosmetics a Read More

  • How to buy Children's cosmetics that are safe and have no side effects?


    Makeup is a daily thing for beauty-loving women. The beauty-loving babies at home are easily influenced by their mothers, and they will also like makeup under the influence of their ears and eyes.Children like to make up, so there are a lot of cosmetics for children on the market, and there are also Read More

  • Can children use makeup remover after makeup?


    Children's makeup can use the makeup remover in Children's cosmetics, but not adults' makeup remover products, but need to use special children's makeup remover. This is because the makeup remover used by adults contains chemical ingredients, and the child's skin is relatively fragile, so the self-p Read More

  • What are the unique features of several commonly used eyelash brush heads?


    1. Small brush head: This eyelash brush generally adopts two unique designs of different lengths so that the mascara can smoothly touch every angle and detail of the eyelashes. The bristles of the eyelash brush with a small brush head have large spacing and sparseness, and the brush head is small. T Read More

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