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  • What is the difference between cosmetic OEM and cosmetic ODM?


    Cosmetics OEM and ODM are the standard modes of cooperation in the current cosmetic OEM, both of which have similarities and differences.Abstract patterns are different:Cosmetics OEM refers to "OEM" or "Original Equipment Manufacturer," contract manufacturing. Commonly known as "OEM."Suitable for: C Read More

  • What is the correct way to use hair care essential oils?


    Many people use hair care essential oils casually because they feel that hair care oils are not effective for hair care. But hair care and hair care essential oils can play a significant role, especially for hair care.In addition to regulating emotions, beauty, and skincare, hair care essential oils Read More

  • How many types of blush are there?


    According to different dosage forms, blushes can be generally divided into liquid, semi-solid, solid dosage forms and aerosols. Liquid blush: Liquid blush is a fluid liquid product, including suspension and emulsion, and its matrix systems are dispersion and emulsion. Cream blush: commonly known as Read More

  • How to correctly buy qualified cosmetics?


    1. Buying cosmetics from formal channels, now life is more and more convenient, and you can buy them both online and offline. Offline is the more traditional way, such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, department stores, personal care stores, etc. Online purchases are made through the Internet, such Read More

  • Daily use tips of lipstick


    Lipstick is the most primitive and common type of lipstick. Lipstick is generally solid, and its texture is dry and harder than lip gloss and lip gloss. Lipstick is one of the most commonly used cosmetics for modern women. Applying just the right amount of lipstick on the lips can make people look e Read More

  • Do you know the difference between lipstick and lip gloss?


    Lipsticks and lip glazes have always been must-have cosmetics for women. Many women only know how different they are on the surface, but not how different they are. Today, let's talk about the difference between lipstick and lip gloss.1. Different textures: lipsticks are generally solid, dry in text Read More

  • The correct way to apply lip gloss


    Many people apply lip glaze unevenly. What is the reason for this? Is it because the method is useless? What is the correct way to apply lip glaze?What should I do if the lip gloss coating is uneven?1. Too much lip glaze on the brush head: Many people apply lip glaze by directly pulling the brush he Read More

  • How to solve the problem of drying and hardening of mascara


    After the mascara is dry, you can add glycerin, toner or lotion to re-moisten it, but the amount must be small, otherwise the mascara will be easily dissolved by these liquids, which will cause the mascara to lose its effectiveness. Of course, you can also heat water, but it should be noted that the Read More

  • Can the lipstick still be used after the expiration date?


    Everything has a shelf life. Even the sun that seems to be always hot will go out one day. The summer night sky is down in the sky. There will also be a violent collision with Perseus, so how long is the shelf life of the lipstick? Can the lipstick still be used after the expiration date? Let us ans Read More

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