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Children's cosmetics


Children's cosmetics refers to cosmetics for children. Children's cosmetics includes products such as Face Cleanser, moisturizer, body wash, shampoo and sunscreen. Because children and adults have different skin structure, characteristics and functional requirements, Children's cosmetics need to be safe, harmless and easy to clean.

Children's cosmetics are roughly classified into skin care, cleaning, hygiene products and sunscreen products. Cleaning products and hygiene products are the most commonly used parts. Such as clean baby soaps, bath lotions and shampoos, etc., sanitary products, prickly heat powder, talcum powder and toilet water, etc.

For Children's cosmetics, the following requirements are generally required, and the product needs to have specific and effective functions. Products need to strictly comply with safety standards. Products need to be made of harmless and non-toxic raw materials. Use mild and low-irritating additives whenever possible. The product packaging is made of materials and structures that are not easily broken and can prevent children from inhaling.

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