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  • Can I take lip glaze on the plane?


    Lip glaze and lipstick are the same lip cosmetics that women often use, whether they are going to work or going out, so naturally they cannot be missing when they fly out. So can lip glaze be taken on the plane? Do you have to take out the lip glaze through the security check?Lip glaze manufacturers Read More

  • How to do lipstick without losing color?


    The lipstick lips are dry and peeling, do these three points, lipstick long moisturizing, beautiful all dayWomen are born loving beauty, and lipstick is the best weapon to decorate beauty. A lipstick can not only enhance the color, but also make a woman more sexy and enchanting. Women always have an Read More

  • In-depth analysis: how the lipstick is made


    The birth of cosmetics can be traced back to ancient civilizations, and lipsticks were used every day among the Sumerians, Egyptians, Syrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks. Later, Elizabeth I and the ladies of her court colored their lips with red mercury sulfide. For years, rouge was used to c Read More

  • How to fix dry eyeliner cream


    Eyeliner cream is an indispensable cosmetic in eye makeup. Eyeliner cream can help people create beautiful and charming eyes, but if Eyeliner cream is not stored correctly, Eyeliner cream will quickly dry out. What should I do if Eyeliner cream becomes dry and cracked? Manage?Here are 4 ways to solv Read More

  • Which is better, Liquid Lipstick or Solid Lipstick?


    1. Solid LipstickSolid Lipstick is relatively easy to color. After lip care, you can apply and tap with a liquid foundation or lip concealer to cover the original lip color. This allows the Lipstick to be more pigmented, not unstuck. When conditions permit, you can use a lip liner to outline the lip Read More

  • The difference between a blush brush and a loose powder brush


    1. The difference between the blush brush and the loose powder brush in terms of shapeThe loose powder brush is a large round brush head with a diameter of about 4cm. The loose powder brush is flat and slightly smaller than the honey powder brush. The top of the bristles is generally arranged in a s Read More

  • Only on-site inspection can choose Cosmetics OEM manufacturers.


    An on-the-spot investigation is the most critical step in choosing Cosmetics OEM manufacturers. Because, even if the manufacturers say that the hype, the strength of the company and the factory does not meet the requirements, which will cause significant problems in the future production of products Read More

  • How body lotion brands do the right price strategy


    After a body lotion brand has developed a product strategy, what standard should the price strategy be based on? Next, let's talk about how to make the right price strategy.In fact, in the body lotion price strategy, the product pricing of many companies and brands is cost-oriented and competitor-or Read More

  • How to become a body lotion manufacturer trusted by customers


    In recent years, various body lotion manufacturers have been everywhere, so how can we gain customers' trust?1. Adhere to quality-oriented, and good quality can stand the test of the marketProduct quality is what consumers care about the most. Too many inferior products are circulating on the market Read More

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