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  • How to do makeup without getting halo makeup?


    The so-called smudged makeup refers to a problem that the makeup is not fixed after makeup, resulting in the makeup not being durable and causing the makeup to smudge.So how do you prevent halo makeup? Let's look at the little tips that this article has compiled for you.The common causes of halo mak Read More

  • What is the three core positioning of cosmetic OEMs?


    For those who focus on OEM processing of cosmetics and daily chemicals, product development is the top priority in processing products in processing plants. Cosmetics OEM product development is an essential factor in determining the quality of cosmetics, and there is no one. So, what factors should Read More

  • Why do some cosmetics contain hyaluronic acid?


    Why do some cosmetics contain hyaluronic acid?Why do cosmetics contain hyaluronic acid? Nowadays, people generally pay more attention to maintenance. To better maintain their appearance, many people choose products with hyaluronic acid when choosing skincare products because they have the effect of Read More

  • How long is the shelf life of blush?


    The shelf life of unopened blush is about 2 to 3 years. If it is opened, it can only be stored for one year. Therefore, after each use, cover the lid of the blusher, do not touch the air and fall into the dust. The blusher will breed bacteria for a long time and may also cause the pores to be blocke Read More

  • What should I pay attention to when processing body wash?


    There are more and more shampoo processing manufacturers, and many companies do not know how to start with shampoo processing, and they feel dazzled. So how to check whether a processing factory is suitable? Let me introduce myself to you today.First of all, choosing a shampoo processing company is Read More

  • What is the difference between cosmetic OEM and cosmetic ODM?


    Cosmetics OEM and ODM are the standard modes of cooperation in the current cosmetic OEM, both of which have similarities and differences.Abstract patterns are different:Cosmetics OEM refers to "OEM" or "Original Equipment Manufacturer," contract manufacturing. Commonly known as "OEM."Suitable for: C Read More

  • What is the correct way to use hair care essential oils?


    Many people use hair care essential oils casually because they feel that hair care oils are not effective for hair care. But hair care and hair care essential oils can play a significant role, especially for hair care.In addition to regulating emotions, beauty, and skincare, hair care essential oils Read More

  • How many types of blush are there?


    According to different dosage forms, blushes can be generally divided into liquid, semi-solid, solid dosage forms and aerosols. Liquid blush: Liquid blush is a fluid liquid product, including suspension and emulsion, and its matrix systems are dispersion and emulsion. Cream blush: commonly known as Read More

  • How to correctly buy qualified cosmetics?


    1. Buying cosmetics from formal channels, now life is more and more convenient, and you can buy them both online and offline. Offline is the more traditional way, such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, department stores, personal care stores, etc. Online purchases are made through the Internet, such Read More

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