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The 6 most well-known children's cosmetic brands in the United States

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1. Crayola Beauty:

Crayola Beauty is an extension of the beloved brand, famous for its colourful crayons and art supplies. Their cosmetic line is designed to unleash a child's creativity while being safe and non-toxic. From vibrant eyeshadows to colourful lip crayons, Crayola Beauty offers a range of fun makeup products that allow kids to express themselves through colour. Let your little artist explore the world of makeup safely and imaginatively with Crayola Beauty.



TownleyGirl is a leading name in the world of children's cosmetics. They specialize in creating beauty products featuring popular licensed characters, from Disney princesses to superheroes. With a focus on safety and quality, TownleyGirl's cosmetics are perfect for young children who want to play dress-up. Let your kids enter an enchantment world with TownleyGirl's magical beauty products.


3. Luna Star Naturals:

Luna Star Naturals provides children with safe and natural makeup alternatives. Their products are free from harmful chemicals and fragrances. Luna Star Naturals encourages kids to embrace natural beauty with mineral-based cosmetics and fun, vibrant colours. This brand is perfect for parents who want to make conscious and healthy choices regarding their children's cosmetics.


4. Petite 'n Pretty:

Petite 'n Pretty takes a fresh approach to children's cosmetics by offering products that are just the right size for smaller hands and delicate features. Their makeup is designed to make young ones feel remarkable, age-appropriate, and confident. With a wide range of cosmetics in dazzling, age-appropriate shades, Petite 'n Pretty helps kids shine with beauty products that are just their size.


5. Little Cosmetics:

Little Cosmetics understands that kids love to imitate their parents. Their line of pretend makeup sets is perfect for children who want to play and explore the world of cosmetics without using natural makeup. These realistic toy cosmetics are mess-free and provide hours of imaginative play for your little ones. Little Cosmetics offers a safe and fun introduction to the world of makeup for kids.


6. Make it Up:

Make it Up is a brand encouraging kids to unleash their inner artist. With a range of vibrant and creative makeup kits, they provide young makeup enthusiasts with a platform for self-expression. Make it Up's products are designed with safety in mind, making it an excellent choice for children who love experimenting with colours and styles.


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