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  • What is the difference between cosmetic OEM and other methods?


       In recent years, with the increase in the consumption of cosmetics, the professionalism and equipment improvement of the cosmetics foundry industry have developed rapidly. Now many brands choose to cooperate with cosmetics OEM manufacturers.    There are generally four ways of cooperation in the Read More

  • China Top 6 Children's Cosmetics Manufacturers


    1.Chenghai Hua NuoLocation: Guangdong, ChinaType: Manufacturer, Trading CompanyYear of establishment: 2018Number of employees: 51-100Main product: Kid Makeup Toy, Stem Toy, Laser Gun, Baby Toy Set, Pretend Play ToyHuanuo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional toy manufacturer, exporter o Read More

  • TOP4 Children's cosmetics manufacturer


    1.sebamedSebamed is a German cosmetic care brand. It was founded by Dr. Heizmer in 1967. At the beginning of its establishment, Dr. Heizmer developed a revolutionary cleansing product that is non-saponifiable and slightly acidic cleansing agent. Since then, the company has insisted on its own initia Read More

  • Several basic categories of OEM lip gloss


    According to the effect of applying on the lips, it can generally be divided into satin OEM lip gloss, long-lasting OEM lip gloss, and matt OEM lip gloss.Satin OEM lip gloss is a very feminine OEM lip gloss. Its color, quality, and brightness are very good. This OEM lip gloss is oily, so it can make Read More

  • Eyeshadow wholesale suppliers introduce the precautions for eye shadow selection and use


    Eyeshadow is indispensable for a complete makeup. Eyeshadow can help the overall appearance of the makeup and also characterize our temperament. Therefore, eyeshadow is very important in makeup. Eyeshadow wholesale suppliers will answer the precautions for eye shadow selection and use for you.In the Read More

  • lip gloss manufacturer introduces how to store lipstick correctly


    Generally speaking, how to deal with the lipstick? The lip gloss manufacturer reminds that lipstick will melt under high temperature under normal circumstances, so it should be stored in a dry and cool place during normal storage. Especially those very expensive lipsticks shouldn’t be kept in your p Read More

  • TOP 5 Children's cosmetics manufacturer


    1.No NastiesAs the name suggests, No Nasties is a real, natural, and harmless cosmetic. It is a cosmetic designed for ultra-sensitive and allergic skin. The company’s make-up collection includes soft-toned sparkling eye shadows, sparkling sheer, dusty rose blushes, and a sheer, light pink lipstick.2 Read More

  • How to choose the right eyeshadow for kids


    A complete set of makeup for children is indispensable to eyeshadow for kids, eyeshadow for kids can express the overall feeling of makeup, enlarge the eyes, and portray the temperament. eyeshadow for kids is very important in makeup, so how to choose eyeshadow for kidsTry to choose eyeshadow for ki Read More

  • How do newbies apply lip glaze? What should I pay attention to when applying lip glaze?


    Most people will smear lipstick, but lip glaze is different. Not everyone can apply it well.How to apply lip glaze for novicesPreparation tools: lip glaze, concealer or liquid foundation, lip brush, lip pencilStep 1: Novices don't know how to apply lip glaze, so before applying lip glaze, it is best Read More

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