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How do newbies apply lip glaze? What should I pay attention to when applying lip glaze?

Views: 18     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-09      Origin: Site

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Most people will smear lipstick, but lip glaze is different. Not everyone can apply it well.

How to apply lip glaze for novices

Preparation tools: lip glaze, concealer or liquid foundation, lip brush, lip pencil

Step 1: Novices don't know how to apply lip glaze, so before applying lip glaze, it is best to cover your own lip color first! This is more conducive to making the most true color of the lip glaze appear~ first use concealer or liquid foundation to cover off the color of the lips, and then prepare to apply the lip glaze.

Step 2: Many people like to apply lip glaze to the back of their hands, and then dip it with a brush. However, this method is very expensive lip glaze, and the paste is also prone to dryness. Therefore, it is still recommended that novices directly use the lip brush to dip the liquid on the lip glaze!

Step 3: Start applying the lip glaze. It is best to start with the peak of the lip first. Use a lip brush to trace the shape of the peak of the lip first and ensure that the two sides are symmetrical. Then draw an X in the middle of the upper lip to highlight the peaks of the lips and make the shape of the lips look better.

Step 4: Then, carefully trace the corners of the lips with the side of the lip brush, and then turn the brush head to the middle position. After that, use a lip brush to connect the lines between the lip peaks and the corners of the lips, and use lip glaze to fill in the blank lips. What I want to remind here is that when you apply the lip glaze directly to the lips, you must apply it lightly. as little as possible with a little more, and the start should not be too heavy!

Step 5: Start to apply the lower lip, use the lip brush that comes with the lip glaze to brush the center of the lower lip, then use the lip brush to dip the lip glaze, and open the lips from the corners of the lower lip along the lip line. Stretch it out and fill the lower lip slowly at the end. The lip glaze is ready! If you want to make the effect of lip glaze look more natural, you can use concealer products to sort out the lip line and the position of the lip~