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Basic makeup procedures

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Makeup is like a woman's magic weapon, and make-up is a professional knowledge and technique, especially the make-up procedure can make female friends look new. Generally speaking, the make-up process can be divided into a ten-step process of base makeup, set makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lower eyeliner, face repair, blush, lip gloss and makeup. Below, I will give you a detailed introduction to the specific makeup procedure steps as follows:

⒈ Bottom makeup: The most important thing for a perfect makeup is the bottom makeup. If time permits, Eyebrow can be first processed, and then apply a moisturizing mask to make your skin more radiant and shiny. Choose a liquid foundation with the same color as your skin tone, and then use the foundation to evenly apply the liquid foundation on your face and swipe it back and forth. Avoid leaving brush marks, which is like putting countless small “Xs” on the face. After the foundation brush is used, you can use the sponge block to gently press the whole face, which will help the foundation to be more evenly distributed. Make the overall makeup effect more natural and transparent;

⒉ Set makeup: Why do many women always feel that their makeup is dirty and oily? The problem is that they did not set the makeup carefully. Most of all have a lot of honey powder color number. The reason why the color numbers are separated is not only for beauty, but for other reasons. First, use dry powder to take an appropriate amount of powder and fold it in half, then use your fingers to flick out the excess powder. Press evenly on the skin, and then use a large makeup brush to remove the excess powder. Don't forget the oily areas such as the corners of the eyes, nose and mouth. A good powder not only plays a role in setting makeup and absorbing shine, but more importantly, it plays a role in secondary modification;

⒊ Eyeliner: Place the mirror at a distance of 20cm from the body, look down, and gently pull the eyelid upward with your ring finger to stick to the root of the eyelashes, and draw in sections from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye. Extend the outer corner of the eye, use the eyeliner brush to gradually push the eyeliner from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye to make the line clear and natural; then use the eyeliner brush to blur the eyeliner, and this step must not be omitted. This step can make the eyeliner It looks natural and not too rigid. If you have an inner double eye and the corners of your eyes are prone to oil, it is recommended that you use eyeliner. The makeup durability of eyeliner is better than eyeliner or powder eyeliner, but compared to liquid eyeliner, it is less rigid and easily smudged and easier to control;

⒋ Eyeshadow: Use a medium-sized eye shadow brush to pick up white highlights, and sweep the entire upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye to emphasize the line structure. Then use a small eye shadow brush on the eyeliner and repeatedly swipe the brown color several times, but you must control the area of the brown color and only use it in a small area, which can make the entire eye look more three-dimensional. When smudging, be sure to pay attention to the transition of layers to avoid the dirty feeling caused by uneven smearing;

⒌ Mascara: Mascara is an extremely important step to adjust the eyes. If the mascara is applied very neatly and cleanly, and the eyelash curler is very curled, the eyes will look much larger if this is the case; but it will also help reduce the fatigue caused by dark circles. The curled eyelashes can make people look more Have energy and vitality. According to the outermost tip-then the middle-the last root, the eyelashes are clipped in sections, so that the eyelashes are both natural and curled, and the curl can reach 80 degrees when the curl is high. Brush your eyelashes in a ‘Z’ method, but don’t apply too much mascara, otherwise the eyelashes will be too heavy to lift up;

⒍ Lower eyeliner: first select easy-to-color black eyeliner to outline the end of the eye, so that it can emphasize the strength of the eyes. Place the inner eyelid 2/3 outside the upper and lower eyeliner, and then use a small eye shadow brush to lightly faint; but be sure to pay attention The depth of the eyeliner, if you control the better, the makeup will be more beautiful; at the end of the eye, you can draw a little heavier. Finally, use another white eye shadow to draw on the inner eyelid and the eyelid, so that the outline of the eye will become larger and brighter;

⒎ Correction: apply a dark color powder or a liquid foundation that is darker than the skin tone on the triangular area from the ear to the smile muscle and the angle of the mandible from back to front, and use a white color from top to bottom. Sweep down the line of the bridge of the nose-fore

So as to create a sense of contour visually to enhance the face shape;

⒏ Blush: In theentire makeup, eye shadow is the center of vision. Therefore,  Both blush and lip color should be lighter

⒐ Lip gloss: Choose a light pink sequined lip gloss and apply it all over, the makeup effect is very charming.

⒑  After the above steps are completed, wait for a while to achieve the ideal effect of overall shaping.

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