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Can the eyeshadow be used normally after the expiration date?

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After the eyeshadow expires, you can no longer continue to use it. The expired eyeshadow means that it has begun to deteriorate, and the deteriorated things are still being used, especially the very fragile part of the eyes, which may cause adverse skin reactions. Therefore, the eyeshadow after the expiration date cannot be used normally.

How can I get rid of eye fine glitter

It may be because of the makeup remover problem, or the makeup removal technique is not dui, the eyeshadow cannot be removed because of the flash. The steps of the recommended makeup removal method are as follows: It is recommended to use eye makeup remover products, such as makeup remover foam, makeup remover, makeup remover, makeup remover, etc., which can remove fine lines well.

What color eyeshadow is more suitable for nude makeup?

Eyeshadows usually use earth, coffee, flesh and other colors that are connected to the skin tone. Nude makeup pursues a not too heavy makeup, which gives people a fresh and natural feeling. Therefore, when choosing eye shadows, try not to choose the ones with particularly bright colors. Only need to brighten the brightness of the eyes, it will appear more natural and elegant without emphasizing exaggeration.

How to tell if eyeshadow has expired

To determine whether the eyeshadow has expired, you can check the production date on the eyeshadow box. If the date is worn off when you use it, you can also look at the texture or smell. Look directly. If there is water and oil separation on the eyeshadow, then To be deactivated.

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