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lip gloss manufacturer introduces how to store lipstick correctly

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Generally speaking, how to deal with the lipstick? The lip gloss manufacturer reminds that lipstick will melt under high temperature under normal circumstances, so it should be stored in a dry and cool place during normal storage. Especially those very expensive lipsticks shouldn’t be kept in your pockets. Long-term exposure to high temperatures will cause the lipsticks to melt very quickly. If you have to wear them on your body, you are advised to put them in your bag to avoid exposure to the sun, otherwise the money The lipstick is also broken, and I have to think of many ways to remedy it.

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Why does lipstick sweat? The main ingredients in lipsticks are generally wax, oil, petroleum jelly and other substances. These ingredients will melt when exposed to high temperatures. The sweating of lipstick is related to the storage environment and whether the lipstick is deteriorated. In a high temperature environment, the lipstick melts. It is normal, but it is not ruled out that the lipstick may have deteriorated. If the lipstick is sweaty when using it, make sure it is safe before using it on the lips. If the lipstick is sweating, it is not recommended to continue using it.

Lipstick texture, there are generally eight kinds of lipstick textures, the high oil content will be easier to melt away, so the removed ingredient is the oil content, lip balm type lipstick is easy to melt in summer, so those moisturizing and smooth texture lipstick Don't touch it in summer.

Do I need to put lipstick in the refrigerator in summer? Lipstick does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, but it can be stored in the refrigerator without the lipstick for a long time. Normally, lipstick will not deteriorate easily, but the temperature in summer is often high, and the lipstick may appear damp and water droplets. The correct way to store lipstick is to put the lipstick in a cool and dry place, and do not put the lipstick in the sun. It is easy to get to the sun, or in a place where the temperature is relatively high.

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