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lip gloss factory introduces the main ingredients in lipstick

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What are the main ingredients of lipstick? Then, what are the healthy ingredients in lipstick? Lip gloss factory will answer for you

Generally speaking, lipstick contains three main ingredients, wax, oil and pigment. For wax, healthier waxes are generally used, and waxes that can be used by the human body are used. At present, many waxes contain vitamin A and vitamin E, and some even add petroleum jelly and wax. This kind of lipstick not only moisturizes the lips better, but also has a certain antioxidant function and has a little sunscreen effect.

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The other is oil. The oil in the lipstick is generally mineral oil and vegetable oil. These oils are relatively healthy and can directly act on the surface of the human body. Therefore, you can use lipstick with confidence.

The last thing is the pigment, because it directly affects the lips, so the selection of lipstick pigment raw materials is relatively strict, generally does not contain chemical raw material pigments, some even directly extract natural fruit and plant pigments, so as not to affect human health.

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