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Why do girls wear makeup?

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Those good at dressing upcan always appear in a beautiful posture, they will always be looked at. If this is a kind of "discrimination", it is not wrong.

"It's human nature to love beauty." If you are naturally beautiful, even if you don't use Fendai, everyone will like it. But if you just take "beautiful without makeup" as a kind of show off, it may become a loss. Of course, there are some girls who are not good-looking and will say,"I would insist on self, does not look good but also the way I was, I am confident on the line."

I think it’s a good thing to be confident, but the state without makeup is not suitable for all occasions, Especially after going to work, it is rude not to wear makeup on some occasions.

It's not just girls, more and more boys are starting to put on makeup. What is the magic of makeup? Let's start with the definition of makeup.

1. What is makeup?

Make-up is the use of cosmetics and tools, taking steps and techniques that conform to the rules, to render, paint, and organize the face, five senses and other parts of the human body to enhance the three-dimensional impression, adjust the shape and color, conceal defects, and express the spirit, so as to beautify the visual experience the goal of. Everyone wants to be beautiful, but everyone has different shortcomings, and makeup is the best way to hide the shortcomings.

Wanting others to see a more beautiful side of yourself is the simplest original intention.

2. How does makeup affect people?

Makeup has an impact on human behavior. After putting on makeup, people are more affirmed and strengthened of their "self", and they are more confident through the clothes they wear to strengthen this impression after makeup. At the same time, others will understand you through your clothes and makeup, and judge who you are. This is invisibly a silent transmission of information for one's own image. Moreover, external makeup and outfits will in turn affect one's own heart, making one's actions and words conform to the appearance that has been "wrapped", and thus be changed.

3. Help you complete the role you play!

We play various roles in our lives. You are a child, a wife or a mother. When you play different roles, different makeup will help your role. Because makeup will make it easier for you to enter the role, it makes sense to change the appropriate makeup according to different occasions and identities.

So what do you think about makeup? Think of it as a task? A kind of etiquette? Or just to please yourself?

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