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Which is better, Liquid Lipstick or Solid Lipstick?

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1. Solid Lipstick

Solid Lipstick is relatively easy to color. After lip care, you can apply and tap with a liquid foundation or lip concealer to cover the original lip color. This allows the Lipstick to be more pigmented, not unstuck. When conditions permit, you can use a lip liner to outline the lip shape and fill it in with Lipstick. Of course, applying the Lipstick directly from the middle of the lip to the corners of the mouth is also possible, but you need to be extra careful with the contour.

2. Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Lipstick makes people love it and hate it. I love its moist texture and moisturizing light, which makes people feel girly, but I wouldn't say I like its moist and light feeling. People are very greasy. Therefore, before applying Liquid Lipstick, it is best to do a primer on the lips. Many brands of makeup now have primers for lip primers.

Or you can directly apply a layer on the lips with nude Lipstick. However, it is not recommended that you use concealer or liquid foundation as a primer for the lips because these primers are all powdery and can be applied on the lips. It is easier to show lip lines on the lips. If the girl's lip line and lip shape are not particularly perfect, you can use a lip liner to outline the lip shape you want first so that the lip makeup created will be more delicate.

When applying Liquid Lipstick, you can generally choose to apply it to the lips first and then apply the two sides separately, from the lip line of the lip peak to the lip corner. Be careful not to go beyond the lip shape outlined by the lip pencil, and then use the same method to fill the lower lip shape.

Liquid Lipstick

Benefits of Liquid Lipstick

1. Better operation

Most of Liquid Lipstick's brush heads are ergonomically designed and have a curvature that allows the brush head to fit the lips better. Some products are also specially designed with tiny brush heads, which can ideally take care of the upper and lower lips. Especially when drawing lip lines, it is also very convenient.

2. Color rendering

The color of some lipsticks is affected by the original lip color. Still, Liquid Lipstick can be less affected due to the texture, and some lip glazes can even completely cover the original lip color. If your lip color is darker and often slanted, you can choose Liquid Lipstick.

3. Cover lip lines

A girl with deep lip lines has difficulty buying Lipstick every time, and the Lipstick on her mouth feels like a shriveled old witch. But one of the functions of Liquid Lipstick is to fill in the lip lines. The rest will satisfy you if you don't use the exceptional quick-drying matte lip gloss.

4. Mucous membrane coloring

It must be a common problem for you to apply Lipstick. That is, the part near the inner side of the lips is not well pigmented, and you can't apply it no matter how you apply it. It feels like you have only applied half of your mouth. This is the mucous membrane, not pigmented. If you use Liquid Lipstick, this problem can be solved. Light shades blend perfectly with mucous pink, and darker shades cover the color directly.

5. Variety of makeup

Liquid Lipstick can achieve the textures such as matte and pearlescent that lipsticks can achieve, and Liquid Lipstick can also achieve the liquid lips and lacquer lips that lipsticks cannot achieve. And Liquid Lipstick is easier than Lipstick to draw the makeup effect of biting lips and blurring lips. Why not do it?

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