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What should I pay attention to when processing body wash?

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There are more and more body wash processing manufacturers, and many companies do not know how to start with body wash processing, and they feel dazzled. So how to check whether a processing factory is suitable? Let me introduce myself to you today.

First of all, choosing a body wash processing company is the product, which is the most important thing. So we have to try the product first by proofing. Because body wash is also a relatively high-tech activity. Many customers often scald and dye, which will cause scalp inflammation and become sensitive scalp prone to itching, dandruff, rash, hair loss, and other phenomena. Therefore, the body wash is not done well, and it is easy to have an itchy scalp, dandruff after washing, and some are easy to get oily. Therefore, the sample board is critical. Find a few more people to test the board, and at least a good body wash should be considered a good body wash if the favorable rate is above 80%. In this way, the products sold later will have a good reputation.

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After the first pass of product quality, you need to consider product packaging, which is also essential. It is generally recommended to choose waterproof packaging. The box is best to choose a glossy film or a matte film. This is more waterproof, and the thicker coated paper of the box has more weight in hand. If the box is too thin, it is easy to press marks on the surface; the size of the box should match the bottle. If it is too large, it will be easily crushed. It doesn't feel good either.

Finally, the packaging will talk about the product itself, which is the bottle of the product. Therefore, it is usually recommended to choose a thicker bottle. Especially in some bottle factories, there will be a difference in the thickness of the bottle. This is a technical problem of the bottle factory. If the middle is fragile, it is easy to be crushed. Liquid leakage; some bottles use the pump head, and the pump head should be selected well, the pump mouth is too small to affect the sales volume, the pump head has a built-in spring and an external spring, the built-in spring is the liquid passing through the spring, the spring is easy to rust, the external spring is The liquid is less likely to rust without passing through the spring. We should also pay attention to this.

The above are the issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing a body wash manufacturer, but the most important thing is choosing the body wash manufacturer's strength. This is crucial. The suitability of the body wash processing plant must be inspected from three aspects: R&D strength, production capacity, and environmental protection qualification.

First: R & D strength:

What are the qualifications of R&D engineers in OEM processing plants?

What is the industry experience of the R&D engineer?

Is your professional strength in cleaning?

Does the factory have hygiene standards?

Have you passed the relevant qualification certification?

Is it a 100,000-level production workshop?


R & D strength determines the quality of the product!

Second: production capacity:

How many sets of pots are there?

How many pipelines are there?

Is it produced according to the sanitary standards stipulated by the state?

In addition, the disinfection of raw materials and packaging materials is also essential. Without disinfection, it is easy to deteriorate.

Third: Environmental Qualification:

Many people think that environmental protection has nothing to do with customers, but this view is wrong. Suppose end consumers always hear about the manufacturer's environmental protection issues. In that case, products sold in the market will make customers feel that the factory is dirty and unsanitary, resulting in a significant loss. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with environmental protection qualifications!

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