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What is the three core positioning of cosmetic OEMs?

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For those who focus on OEM processing of cosmetics and daily chemicals, product development is the top priority in processing products in processing plants. Cosmetics OEM product development is an essential factor in determining the quality of cosmetics, and there is no one. So, what factors should be considered in cosmetic OEM product development?

Cosmetics OEM product development and positioning issues generally need to be considered from three aspects: concept positioning, dynamic positioning, and interest positioning.

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1. Conceptual positioning of cosmetic OEM product development

Concept positioning is a standard positioning method in the development process of cosmetic OEM products. Simply put, it is to give a product an exceptional concept to be differentiated from its equivalent competitors. For example, essential oil-added products, polar skincare products, imported raw material products, and non-additive products are all conceptual positioning, making the product different from other products of the same type on the market.

2. Emotional positioning of cosmetic OEM product development

Cosmetics OEM product development The second is dynamic positioning because the leading consumer group in the cosmetics industry is female consumers, naturally sensitive and emotionally rich. In other words, they are more emotional than rational.

Therefore, we develop a pure efficacy product, which should be positioned to arouse a broad emotional resonance among buyers. In addition to their efficacy, cosmetics also have maintenance functions, so cosmetics need to communicate with consumers through dynamic positioning.

A common technique is to build a brand story and build dynamic positioning with some sensational text, beautiful packaging, and a good skin feel. It is worth noting that dynamic positioning must also make consumers happy to use it to reflect the effect. If the product is not practical, no matter how powerful the marketing method is, it will not help.

3. Benefit positioning of cosmetic OEM product development

Interest positioning is the basis of cosmetic products. Cosmetics are mainly practical, not for viewing. If it only looks good, it is not enough. It must also have immediate effects. Moisturizing must be able to moisturize, and whitening must be natural. There is a whitening effect, and the product can only be successful if it meets users' interests.

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