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What is the difference between cosmetic OEM and cosmetic ODM?

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Cosmetics OEM and ODM are the standard modes of cooperation in the current cosmetic OEM, both of which have similarities and differences.

Abstract patterns are different:

Cosmetics OEM refers to "OEM" or "Original Equipment Manufacturer," contract manufacturing. Commonly known as "OEM."

Suitable for: Customers who have registered brand trademarks and have completed planning and design and entrusted cosmetics factory to provide formula research and development and production sub-packaging for customers.

cosmetics OEM factory

Cosmetics ODM refers to the "original design manufacturer" or the process of redesigning customized products according to customer needs, which belongs to the category of ODM.

Suitable for: Customers who have registered a brand but have not completed the planning and design entrust a cosmetics factory to help customers with a series of processes such as product planning, packaging design, formula development, production, and packaging.

In other words, customers only need to be responsible for operating sales and expanding sales channels.

Different intellectual property rights: Cosmetics OEMs, no matter who completed the overall design, the entrusted cosmetics factory can no longer provide third parties with products using the design. Cosmetics ODM from product planning, research, and development, production is completed by the cosmetics factory itself in the whole process; after the product is formed, it can be directly bought and used by customers. Whether the entrusted cosmetic factory can produce the same product by a third party depends on whether the customer buys out the design scheme.

The two have in common: Whether cosmetic OEM or cosmetic ODM, customers are factories without processing but have their own sales channels and ecological chains. In layman's terms, the difference between cosmetic OEM and cosmetic ODM lies in who owns the intellectual property rights of the product; if the customer owns the intellectual property rights of the product, it is the OEM; if it is the overall design carried out by the cosmetic factory, it is the ODM.

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