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What is the correct way to use hair care essential oils?

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Many people use hair care essential oils casually because they feel that hair care oils are not effective for hair care. But hair care and hair care essential oils can play a significant role, especially for hair care.

In addition to regulating emotions, beauty, and skincare, hair care essential oils also have an excellent nutritional and repairing effect on hair and scalp. Haircare essential oils act on the scalp, inhibit hair loss, and promote hair growth by regulating sebum.

Some friends drop the hair care essential oil directly into the shampoo bottle for convenience. This practice is not advisable! Large shampoo bottles are generally used for several months, while the prepared hair care essential oil can only be stored for a week. , Doing so will cause the hair care essential oil to deteriorate, and it will not play a role in hair care.

hair care essential oils

How to use hair oil correctly

Wash the hair with shampoo, and the washed hair is more likely to absorb the nutrients of the hair care oil; then apply the prepared hair care oil to the hair scalp, massage for 20 minutes, wrap it in a plastic wrap, and let the hair fully absorb the care. Hair essential oil ingredients! Then rinse off.

Haircare essential oil is simple for hair care. Using hair care essential oil is to add 1 drop of hair care essential oil (single hair care essential oil) into the shampoo (or conditioner) that is usually used, mix it evenly, and then shampoo. Or the ratio of hair oil to shampoo is 1:10.

You can also use the base oil to dilute the unilateral hair care essential oil and gently apply it to the hair strands instead of the conditioner link, which has a better nourishing effect than the conditioner.

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