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What is foundation?

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Foundation is a kind of cosmetics, is the basis of a woman's makeup, foundation of many types, including foundation, powder set and loose powder set three, these foundations are used to adjust the skin tone, improve the texture of the face, cover defects, reflect the texture, the greater the value of the foundation, the darker the color, the use of the color difference with the skin tone should not be too large, should choose a foundation close to the skin tone.

The ingredients of foundation, powder strips and creams are not the same. The main ingredients of powder strips and creams are pigments, oils, water and pigments, most of which are chemical ingredients, while foundations add some skin care ingredients, and good foundations add plant ingredients, which also have better skin care effects.


General foundation ingredients include talc, kaolin and titanium dioxide, zinc stearate and zinc myristate, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, pigments, binders, botanical ingredients, talc allows other foundations to spread smoothly on the skin and make the skin smooth, kaolin and titanium dioxide make the foundation has strong coverage and can eliminate the glitter of talc, zinc stearate and zinc myristate has strong adhesion, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate can absorb the skin and make the skin smooth. Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate can absorb sweat and oil on the skin surface, and also have the effect of eliminating the glitter of talcum powder; pigments are generally inorganic pigments and organic pigments mixed.

Commonly used inorganic pigments iron oxide and red or orange organic pigments mixed and become the pigment of the foundation, the binder makes the above-mentioned various foundation dissolve and form. It is mainly composed of mineral oil or synthetic lipid oil such as plant and animal and liquid paraffin, and plant ingredients such as seaweed extracts, yam extracts, vitamins, elastin, pearl powder, etc., which are effective in repairing and softening skin, moisturizing and whitening, and increasing skin elasticity and luster.

Compared to traditional foundations, mineral powder's powder grains, which are very fine powder, are not compressed into powder blocks, so it does not contain oil. The size of the powder particles is controlled within a certain range without clogging the pores. In it, very few chemical ingredients are added, and 100% natural skin-friendly ingredients are selected solely to take advantage of the special effects of mineral elements. These very gentle elements can be used without worry even for sensitive or redness-prone skin.

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