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What are the unique features of several commonly used eyelash brush heads?

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1. Small brush head: This eyelash brush generally adopts two unique designs of different lengths so that the mascara can smoothly touch every angle and detail of the eyelashes. The bristles of the eyelash brush with a small brush head have large spacing and sparseness, and the brush head is small. Therefore, the mascara will not be brushed on the eyelids when used, and it is easier for beginners to use this brush head. This small brush head is very suitable for brushing the eyelashes. Whether it is vertical or horizontal with the eyelash head, it is easy to grasp

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2. Spiral brush head: Most of the mascara brush heads on the market today generally adopt a spiral shape, which can well hang the mascara on each bristle to facilitate the coloring of the eyelashes, and it will not be used after coloring. Mutual adhesion occurs.

3. Rubber brush head: This kind of eyelash brush head uses finely interlaced white adjustable tines to replace the nylon fibers used in eyelash brushes. This artificial elastic rubber material has excellent plasticity, so the action of brushing eyelashes becomes A comfortable experience. The soft and flexible brush head can quickly and precisely brush each lash from root to tip with a lift-up effect. This brush head solves the problem of lashes, dandruff, and makeup. Question.

4. Steel brush head: The mascara brush head is generally plastic. It isn't easy to exert the perfect use effect when the mascara is dipped on the plastic brush head. In addition, everyone uses different methods and strengths. The liquid is more likely to solidify on the brush head, which will shorten the mascara's service life. The bristle brush's steel rod design can make the silk fibers easier to sweep on the eyelashes, more extended, and more transparent.

5. Comb-type brush head: This is a new type of eyelash brush head, which is in the shape of a comb, which can bring the mascara to the eyelashes evenly and make the eyelashes longer and clearer at the same time.

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