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What are the characteristics of lip gloss and lipstick?

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1. Lipstick

This word was actually used more in the 90s, when there were not a lot of cosmetics for the lips, and they were not divided into very fine, so basically anything that makes the lips rosy and modifies the color of the lips can be called lipstick.

In the last decade, with the subdivision of lip products, the word lipstick is no longer commonly used by young people and the industry. Now lip makeup products can be basically divided into: lip balm, pre-makeup lipstick, lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, lip nectar, lip dye, lip glaze, etc.

Lip balm is mainly colorless or light colored, even light colored, basically no color, mainly to moisturize the lips, to solve the problem of dry lips and molted skin.

Pre-makeup lip balm has some lip moisturizing effect, but it is more focused on the subsequent lipstick's makeup aid to help the makeup effect last. Lipstick is more like lipstick in our traditional sense, which is this creamy stuff, according to the different makeup effects, can be divided into three categories: pearl, glossy, matte.

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2. Lip gloss

Lip gloss is a liquid lip product, usually with a brush on the lid, the color is not as thick as lipstick, and not as long-lasting as lipstick, but the brightness is much better, looks brighter and more hydrated.

Lip nectar is more like a small girl, color more pink, the price is also cheaper, and lip gloss a little like, but the color is lighter than lip gloss, basically is the pink natural moist effect, is the kind of watery toot lips, not suitable for people with deep lip color.

Lip dye and lip glaze are the rise of the past two years, and lip gloss looks very similar, but the coloring degree is much stronger, is the kind of color like dyeing up or glaze color effect, the basic color are more intense.

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