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The difference between a blush brush and a loose powder brush

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1. The difference between the blush brush and the loose powder brush in terms of shape

The loose powder brush is a large round brush head with a diameter of about 4cm. The loose powder brush is flat and slightly smaller than the honey powder brush. The top of the bristles is generally arranged in a semicircle with a width of about 1.5cm, but there are also blush brushes with round heads different The shape of the brush head can brush out different effects of blush.

2. The difference between brush and loose powder brush in terms of hair quality

Loose powder brushes generally choose brushes of goat hair, pony hair, and squirrel hair. Squirrel hair is the best, and soft bristles are the most important. The blush brush is generally made of animal hair, and the requirements for hair quality are not as high as a loose powder, but it is soft and comfortable and has good powder grasping power.

3. The difference between the blush brush and the loose powder brush from the bristles

For loose powder bristles, choose a brush with abundant and fluffy bristles. Do not choose a brush that is too thick and dense. If the bristles are too dense, the grasping power will be too strong, making the makeup look heavy. The blush brush is. The size of the bristles should not be too large, the length of the hair should be about 5.0CM, and the width of the hair should be about 4.0CM. If it is too large, it is difficult to grasp the shape and area, and if it is too small, it is not easy to smudge evenly.

blush brush

4. From the purpose of use, the difference between the brush and the loose powder brush

The loose powder brush is mainly used to dip and set makeup products. It is softer and more natural than a powder puff and can apply the powder evenly. The blush brush is to take blush and create rosy cheeks. A good blush brush can make the rouge sweep quickly and naturally.

The blush brush is easy to adhere to makeup products because its brush is very soft, and the blush is relatively delicate and easy to stick to.

Be gentle when cleaning; use something that dissolves makeup to clean the brush.

First, pour the makeup remover onto the brush, don't pour too much. Just dampen the brush. You can also use a special brush cleaner to wash it more cleanly.

When all the makeup products are dissolved, place the brush in soapy water and try to make the brush thoroughly soaked in water. Be careful not to wet the handle. Otherwise, it will easily cause mildew.

After that, brush the brush, and rub it gently with your hands to remove all the residual substances in the brush. Afterward, rinse the blush brush with running water.

If the brush becomes very astringent, you can apply conditioner, straighten it out, and then rinse it with water. Finally, suck up the water on the brush and put it in a ventilated place to dry.

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