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The 6 most critically acclaimed lipsticks of 2022

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Finding the right lipstick is hard, first you have to consider the color, then the formula. If you want sheer and shiny, or pigmented and matte, you also need to consider the price tag, so choosing the lipstick that has been to your liking is a process of comparison, and today you will pick the most sold lipstick products in 2022

1.Charlotte Tilbury Kissing. Lipstick


This standout Lipsticks meets most people's Lipsticks needs with a rich, creamy flavor that is quite silky on the lips and a lipstick color that contains plenty of rich color (thanks to a unique waxy blend). The formula of this Lipsticks contains a special compound that helps protect the lips from UV rays, plus the lipstick color has light diffusing particles that create a gorgeous satin-like effect after application. In addition, this Lipsticks has a nice layered finish, so whether you use a gloss for extra shine or apply it over a balm for more moisture, this Lipsticks is a great choice!

Price at time of publish: $37

2. L'Oréal Paris Riche Lipcolor 


Price aside, this is a very popular traditional lip balm and this Lipsticks formula is made with 75% nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as argan oil and sesame oil.

This Lipsticks color is rich and saturated to stay in place, so there is no typical feathering when this product is applied. Speaking of which, with 52 colors to choose from, there is a wide selection of colors to suit different needs

Price at time of release: $8.95

3.Revlon Balm Stain 


Although not a classic model of lipstick, this chubby crayon lipstick is also a favorite of many users. This lipstick is made of a triple combination of shea butter, mango oil and coconut oil, the formula has a very moisturizing effect, in addition to the lipstick stain has a strong staying power, can keep the lipstick color for a long time without losing color

Price when released: $9.99

4.Maybelline Ink Liquid Lipstick


This Lipsticks can keep the color for a long time, up to 16 hours without losing color, this Lipsticks set is also very fast, generally speaking, after applying 15 seconds to set, no matter what you do afterwards, Lipsticks on the mouth will not fall off. Lipsticks color is matte, but the application does not feel dry. This product is also available in a superb selection of colors, generally over 40 colors to choose from. However, note that because of the strong adhesion of this Lipsticks, you need a special makeup remover when you need to remove your makeup.

Price at time of release: $10.99

5. Beauty Bakerie Matte Lip Whip 


This product is well known, mainly because it is widely advertised in the social media, with videos, texts and pictures showing its long-lasting power, thanks to its superb functionality. When in running water, this Lipsticks is waterproof and also stain resistant, and no matter how long you use it, it does not tend to look dry or caked.

Price at release: $20

6. Waterproofness affordable price pure color vintage Lipsticks

This Lipsticks can be retailed or customized, the color can be adjusted according to customer needs, this product is certified by MSDS, SASO, CPSR, safe and secure, the lipstick bottle is made of abs material, which can ensure the long-term storage of lipstick, lipstick with waterproof performance, a variety of climates can be used

Price at time of publication: Welcome to consult

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