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Several basic categories of OEM lip gloss

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According to the effect of applying on the lips, it can generally be divided into satin OEM lip gloss, long-lasting OEM lip gloss, and matt OEM lip gloss.

Satin OEM lip gloss is a very feminine OEM lip gloss. Its color, quality, and brightness are very good. This OEM lip gloss is oily, so it can make lips beautiful and beautiful. The dazzling luster brings out a rich and gorgeous feeling, and the color is natural, so it is relatively easy to apply. It is very suitable for daily use and suitable for women of any lip shape and any age.


The long-lasting OEM lip gloss contains high volatile oils, mixed with rich pigments. After the oil evaporates, the pigments stay on the lips due to strong adhesion. You don't need to touch up frequently because the matte pigments with silky feel are smooth when applied. Different colors will bring different effects. Sometimes it feels a little dry, like a thin film.

The matt OEM lip gloss is powdery, which can add mature charm and make makeup very radiant, but its texture is dry and the effect is slightly dull, but it looks very three-dimensional on the lips. Use this OEM lip gloss. Very good makeup skills. Not everyone is suitable for it, so pay special attention when choosing. For example, deep and dull tones can play an excellent matte effect, but too dark colors will make it look too mature.

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