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Safety science knowledge of Children's cosmetics

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What are Children's cosmetics?

Children's cosmetics generally refer to cosmetics for children under 12 years old (including 12 years old) because children and adults have different skin structures, characteristics, and functional requirements. The central role of Children's cosmetics is general protection.

The following situations also need to be managed according to Children's cosmetics:

Products that identify words such as "applicable to all people" and "for the whole family" or use trademarks, patterns, homophonic, letters, numbers, symbols, packaging forms, etc., imply that the product users, including children, are managed by Children's cosmetics.

Children's cosmetics

What should children pay attention to when using cosmetics?

Children should use the relevant cosmetics under the supervision of an adult, ensuring that the correct application method is followed. In addition, do not let children choose adult cosmetics at will. Adult cosmetics may contain functional ingredients. These ingredients may stimulate children's delicate skin and cause damage to children's skin.

Before children use cosmetics, it is best to smear a small amount on the forearm's inner, middle, and lower parts. After observing for some time, if there is no redness, itching, burning, or stinging on the skin of the application site, follow the instructions for everyday use...

On weekdays, parents should keep cosmetics properly and check whether the cosmetics are within the validity period and whether they are contaminated due to improper sealing.

If children feel uncomfortable using cosmetics, they should stop using the product immediately and immediately clean up the residue on the skin. Pay attention to observation. If the symptoms still do not improve, please seek medical attention in time.

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