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Only on-site inspection can choose Cosmetics OEM manufacturers.

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An on-the-spot investigation is the most critical step in choosing Cosmetics OEM manufacturers. Because, even if the manufacturers say that the hype, the strength of the company and the factory does not meet the requirements, which will cause significant problems in the future production of products. There are many intermediaries in the cosmetics industry. The prices of the intermediaries are often high, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, to process and produce cosmetics, it is necessary to inspect the cosmetics factory on the spot.

Point 1: Do you have a laboratory and R&D team?

Many cosmetic factories do not have laboratories and R&D teams. Such factories generally buy some formulas from other factories with laboratories and produce them step by step, without any ability to develop innovative formulas. Therefore, such factories will be in 3 years and 5 years. Produce products of the same formula. Some cosmetic processing factories have laboratories but no R&D personnel or teams. They have engineers, but these engineers can analyze the purchased formulas and produce them step by step. Actual R&D personnel should be able to develop new formulas and innovate instead of simply reading the existing recipe list.

Cosmetics OEM manufacturers

Experimental R&D team

Point 2: Do you have advanced laboratory equipment and production equipment?

Advanced laboratory equipment is an essential factor in determining whether this cosmetics factory can develop new formulas; workshop production equipment is an essential factor affecting the quality of cosmetics, so choosing Cosmetics OEM manufacturers must see whether the factory's equipment is advanced and for the products to be processed Does it meet the needs!

Facial mask production line emulsification production equipment

Point 3: Whether the production workshop meets the standard

Although the requirements for cosmetic production workshops are not as high as those for pharmaceutical production workshops, they also have specific requirements for cosmetic production workshops, such as air impurity element content, exhaust, and drainage systems, etc. must meet national requirements; for different cosmetic production, the required production standards also have different, so be sure to see whether the manufacturer's production workshop facilities are complete and meet the standards.

Point 4: Manufacturers' success stories

A professional Cosmetics OEM manufacturer must process and produce products for many brands. You can see which well-known brands have processed cosmetics for the factory to judge the reliability and product quality of the factory.

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