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Lip gloss manufacturer introduced that direct application is the wrong way to use

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In daily skin care, in addition to the skin of our face, lips also need special care. Generally, we protect the lips and generally use lipstick. Many people just apply lipstick directly. Half of the lipstick use is a lot of attention. Use lipstick correctly. It can keep the lipstick moisturized for longer, let the lip gloss manufacturer show you the correct way to apply the lipstick.

Lip balm can’t be used much, like other skin care products, lip balm can’t be used much, because the skin has self-repair and protection ability. If it is applied too much, it may irritate the skin and cause the lips to become dry.

Lip balm contains glycerin. Long-term use of high-sealing lipstick will weaken the metabolism of the lips, and will have a feeling of dependence on the lipstick for a long time. If the lipstick is not applied, the mouth may not dry well.


Apply it horizontally. Although applying lipstick is a simple action, many people apply it in the wrong way. Apply it horizontally several times. The correct way is to apply it from the inside to the outside according to the direction of the lip texture, which can help the lipstick to be spread more evenly, which is conducive to the absorption of the lipstick by the lips.

Apply it before going to bed. Applying lipstick during the day may inadvertently be licked off or rubbed off by yourself; or if you can't control yourself to tear the lip skin, the effect of lip moisturizing is minimal. Therefore, apply lip balm all over before going to bed at night to have a complete lip protection effect.

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