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Is it safer for adults to use Children's cosmetics?

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I believe that many of my friends have such questions in their hearts. Why are many cosmetics on the market specially marked with "Children's cosmetics." What is the difference between these cosmetics and adult cosmetics? Are Children's Cosmetics Safer Than Adult Cosmetics? Is it better for adults with sensitive skin to use Children's cosmetics?

What are Children's cosmetics?

"Children's cosmetics" generally refers to cosmetics used for children under 12 years old, infants, and young children. It is well known that the safety of cosmetics is the most important thing for children. Therefore, the approval of Children's cosmetics is relatively strict, such as restricting the types of raw materials used in the formulation of Children's cosmetics; restricting the use of flavors, colorants, preservatives, and surfactants in Children's cosmetics.

Focus on the evaluation of the safety of cosmetic raw materials to ensure the safety of products. The European Union restricts the raw materials of skin care products for infants and young children under 3 years old. At the same time, the United States, Japan, and other countries and regions only limit the labeling, labeling, and cosmetic microbial quality. Required.

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Are Children's Cosmetics Safer Than Adult Cosmetics?

The raw materials of Children's cosmetics are more refined, and the preservatives, flavors, and surfactants used are safer, so the possibility of skin irritation is much lower than that of adult cosmetics.

Adults often experience tingling, itching, and other sensitive skin conditions for various reasons. Can children's cosmetics alleviate these symptoms?

When the skin is sensitive, the barrier function of the skin is also damaged. At this time, it is essential to choose a suitable moisturizer to increase the moisture of the skin's stratum corneum, thereby promoting the recovery of the skin barrier function. The moisturizer chosen in this case should be less irritating and safe to avoid damaging the skin barrier. Children's moisturizing creams are safer and less irritating in ingredients. Choosing a suitable children's moisturizing cream to relieve skin sensitivity is very suitable.

Can adults without sensitive skin conditions use Children's cosmetics?

Regarding moisturizing and cleansing, Children's cosmetics do not differ much from adult cosmetics. Children's cosmetics can be used for daily basic needs such as cleansing and moisturizing. However, Children's cosmetics are not allowed to have the effects of acne removal, whitening, and freckle removal. If you have these needs, you still need to choose adult cosmetics.

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