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How to solve the problem of drying and hardening of mascara

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After the mascara is dry, you can add glycerin, toner or lotion to re-moisten it, but the amount must be small, otherwise the mascara will be easily dissolved by these liquids, which will cause the mascara to lose its effectiveness. Of course, you can also heat water, but it should be noted that the hot water should not be dripped directly into the mascara, but used to soak the sealed mascara for 3 minutes or even longer, and the mascara will soften.

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To prevent the mascara from drying and hardening, it can be screwed into the mascara bottle when dipping the paste, and then screwed out. Oxidized, it will naturally last longer. It is also possible to prolong the use of mascara with perfume. The specific method is to drop two drops of perfume into the mascara and shake it well. This treatment method has a good effect on drying up the mascara. It should be noted that the perfume contains alcohol. Women with sensitive eyes are not suitable for this method, and they are worried that the alcohol will irritate the eyes. If this method is not considered, the fragrance can be replaced by a toner.

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