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How to fix dry eyeliner cream

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Eyeliner cream is an indispensable cosmetic in eye makeup. Eyeliner cream can help people create beautiful and charming eyes, but if Eyeliner cream is not stored correctly, Eyeliner cream will quickly dry out. What should I do if Eyeliner cream becomes dry and cracked? Manage?

Here are 4 ways to solve it

Eyeliner cream

Solution 1: Soak in warm water

If the eyeliner cream is dry and cracked, you can tighten the lid, take out a basin of warm water, soak it in it, soak it for about 15-20 minutes, then take it out. It can soften and dissolve the eyeliner cream.

Solution 2: drop the lotion

Eyeliner cream is dry and cracked. Generally, you can drop the daily lotion into it. The texture of lotion and Eyeliner cream are very similar. They are suitable for dissolving and reconciling each other so that you can use them confidently. Also, you can choose a thinner lotion product for a better effect...

Solution 3: Drop in vitamin E capsules

If the Eyeliner cream is dry and hard, you can puncture the vitamin E capsules you take every day and drop them into the Eyeliner cream, then tighten the cap and shake gently, and you can use it the next day.

Solution 4: Add eye drops

Drop an appropriate amount of eye drops onto the surface of the Eyeliner cream to solve the dryness and cracking of the Eyeliner cream, but be careful not to add too much so as not to cause the Eyeliner cream to be too thin and difficult to apply makeup, remind everyone that this solution may affect Waterproof effect of Eyeliner cream.

Frequent contact of Eyeliner cream with air can easily lead to volatilization and drying of the water and oil components, so after daily use, be sure to cover the bottle cap and store it in a cool place. It can also be refrigerated to prolong the use time of Eyeliner cream.

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