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How to do makeup without getting halo makeup?

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The so-called smudged makeup refers to a problem that the makeup is not fixed after makeup, resulting in the makeup not being durable and causing the makeup to smudge.

So how do you prevent halo makeup? 

Let's look at the little tips that this article has compiled for you.

The common causes of halo makeup are the following:

1. The skin is prone to oily

2. Sweaty or wet face

3. The quality of cosmetics is relatively poor.

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So what should you do if you have halo makeup?

1. It is best to apply a moisturizing eye mask before applying makeup to protect eye makeup and eliminate eye edema.

2. Use eye drops with mint ingredients before going out to let the temperature of the eyes drop as soon as possible.

3. Sweep a layer of powder before applying eye shadow to make the skin smooth and delicate.

4. Use eye primer or facial oil control primer to suppress the oily condition of the eyes, focusing on the eyelids.

5. When you find signs of halo makeup, you need to make up the eye shadow, choose a light and delicate powder eye shadow, and don't apply too much.

Instead of preventing smudging after applying makeup, prepare to prevent smudging before applying makeup:

1. Reducing oily skin is the key to reducing the problem of smudged makeup. It is essential to replenish moisture when the skin is oily, so you must do an excellent job of skincare before makeup. To keep your skin hydrated, a lotion is a must. After cleansing, soak a cotton pad with high-efficiency moisturizing water before applying makeup, pat it on the forehead and cheeks, and leave it on for ten minutes to replenish the water.

2. Use the primer in sections. The T-zone of the face is particularly prone to oil, while the U-zone is relatively dry. In this case, it is recommended to use a makeup primer to apply. After applying makeup lotion in the T-zone, you should use a refreshing makeup primer with an oil control effect, which can lock the water and modify the skin tone. The U-zone generally needs to use a moisturizing primer for moisturizing, which helps to improve the foundation. Makeup adherence ability and lasting ability.

3. It is usually best to use a sponge to apply foundation, and you should take good care of your skin. When applying makeup, it is recommended to use a sponge puff to apply foundation to make the foundation more manageable and more evenly attached to the skin. It can also cover the pores on the skin in summer so that the makeup does not take off.

4. Use loose powder to make the makeup last longer. After applying makeup to the face, to achieve a better effect of not smudging makeup, it is necessary to use powder to set the makeup on the face so that the makeup does not smudge.

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