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How to correctly choose the "base makeup" that suits you?

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From the perspective of the texture of the base makeup, there are liquid foundation, pressed powder, BB cream, cushion cream, etc., from the perspective of different makeup effects, there are various requirements such as nude makeup, matte makeup, and ceramic skin. Based on skin quality, have you chosen the right makeup product?

If you have dry skin

Highly moisturizing base makeup products will be your best choice! Highly moisturizing powder cream, lotion-like foundation will make your skin look shiny; if you like a misty makeup effect, you can choose makeup as the texture Moisturized, it reveals a velvety and smooth liquid foundation after pushing it open. In contrast, Avoid powdered products as much as possible, because it will only make your skin more dry; even worse, cause peeling!

If your skin is prone to oil

Contrary to dry skin, oily skin is more suitable for powdered foundations such as pressed powder and powder. If you want better concealing power, you can choose solid base makeup products such as foundation cream, and avoid using products that emphasize gloss and contain pearl powder, which will make the shine more obvious.

If you have normal skin

Normal skin is a healthy ideal skin, non-greasy, non-drying, elastic, poreless, ruddy and shiny, and not easy to age. This type of skin can easily choose liquid foundation, such as liquid foundation, BB cream and CC cream.

If your skin shows signs of aging

What you need is a lightweight base makeup, in addition to avoiding the face after the makeup feel; aging contours and fine lines become more obvious, but also to keep the skin soft and full, water-based base makeup and mousse base makeup It can make the makeup and concealer just right; in addition, you can also choose base makeup products with anti-aging effects.

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