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How to correctly buy qualified cosmetics?

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1. Buying cosmetics from formal channels, now life is more and more convenient, and you can buy them both online and offline. Offline is the more traditional way, such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, department stores, personal care stores, etc. Online purchases are made through the Internet, such as e-commerce websites, micro-businesses, cross-border e-commerce and purchasing agents, etc. Compared with traditional offline channels and regular online e-commerce websites, personal sales channels such as personal purchasing agents and online celebrities bringing goods have greater security risks, so it is not recommended to purchase cosmetics through these channels.

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2. To buy regular products, cosmetics can be divided into local cosmetics and imported cosmetics according to the place of origin. According to different uses, it can be divided into special cosmetics and non-specific cosmetics.

Whether the product is formal or not depends on whether the contents of the packaging, labeling, etc. are complete. Local cosmetics should be marked with the cosmetic name, manufacturer, production address, ingredient content, production license number, production date and validity period, approval number or filing number. Imported cosmetics must be marked with Chinese logo, country of origin, importer and address, production date and shelf life.

To see whether the product is legal, domestic and imported products must be approved by the State Food and Drug Administration and given an approval number, each product has an approval number. If the color number of the hair dye produced by the enterprise is different, it is a different product, and the approval number must be different. For non-special use cosmetics, imported products must be filed with the State Food and Drug Administration, and domestic products must be filed with the provincial drug administration. Consumers can log on the website of the State Administration of Medical Products to learn all the information on the registration of special purpose cosmetics and the filing of non-special purpose cosmetics.

In order to avoid being misled by consumers, it is prohibited to use certain semantic expressions or words in cosmetic names, words expressing or implying medical functions and effects, approved drug names, not related to product characteristics, vulgar word meaning, feudal superstition meaning etc.

When purchasing, if the cosmetics containing these keywords are products that do not meet the requirements, you should not only buy these cosmetics, but also actively report them to jointly protect the rights and interests of consumers.

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