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How to buy Children's cosmetics that are safe and have no side effects?

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Makeup is a daily thing for beauty-loving women. The beauty-loving babies at home are easily influenced by their mothers, and they will also like makeup under the influence of their ears and eyes.

Children like to make up, so there are a lot of cosmetics for children on the market, and there are also some children's makeup toys that can make beauty-loving children experience the fun of makeup.

However, the quality of Children's cosmetics on the market varies, and children's skin is inherently delicate. Even regular and qualified adult cosmetics are harmful to children's skin. If you encounter some children's cosmetics of unqualified quality, it will undoubtedly damage children's health.

When buying Children's cosmetics, if you must buy it, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Children's cosmetics

1. Choose regular channels to buy

First of all, you must choose a regular channel. It is best to have a regular business license and a regular batch of cosmetics. It does not have to be a big name, but it must be a regular brand. Before purchasing, you need to read the qualifications and licenses of the merchants carefully, and you can also query the manufacturer's license information through the data of the Drug Administration to distinguish the authenticity.

2. Identify the ingredients

It is necessary to read the ingredient list on the product packaging because children's skin is tender and thinner, so their immunity is low, and more prone to allergies. Therefore, it is recommended that parents try to choose ingredients that are not complicated and do not contain alcohol, fragrance, and Products with colorants; otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to children's bodies.

When purchasing, you also need to pay attention to the product registration and record number to see if it conforms to the numbering rules for cosmetics. You can check through relevant websites and apps before purchasing.

3. Try before you buy

Before buying cosmetics for their children, parents can choose some samples of the products to do a skin test for their children, then take an appropriate amount of cosmetics and apply them to the inside of the child's forearm, observe for some time, and finally check whether there is redness, itching, burning and stinging on the application site. Pain and other problems, if there is no such abnormal problem, you can buy and use.

In addition, it should be noted that you must remember to remove the child's makeup in time after the child's makeup and try to choose a better makeup remover product because the general cosmetic must be thoroughly washed before it will affect the body.

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