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How much do you know about cosmetic storage tips?

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When consumers buy cosmetics, they pay more attention to functions. As for the preservation of cosmetics, few people care. Cosmetics are preserved for a certain period of time. During the preservation period, external environmental factors will affect the preservation of cosmetics, which may lead to deterioration and failure of the granular products. The effective and safe use period and storage methods of different products are also different. We should pay attention to the following points when storing or carrying cosmetics at home:

1. Regular inspection

 Generally, unopened cosmetics have a shelf life of 3 to 5 years. After opening, the shelf life will be shortened to two years due to contact with air or fingers. For safety reasons, it is best to mark the unpacking date on the bottle body before opening and use, tidy up your dressing table at regular intervals, and regularly check whether the cosmetics are oily. Separation of oil and water occurs. If skin care products have not been used for more than 4 months, they can be used as body milk.

2. Heat protection

It is not suitable to store cosmetics in places with high humidity, because high temperature not only easily volatilizes the moisture in the cosmetics, and The paste becomes flat, but also easily causes the oil and water in the paste to separate and deteriorate. Therefore, do not put too much cosmetics in your handbag in the hot summer, as long as it can be used up in a short time. If you have the habit of storing cosmetics in the refrigerator, don't change them once you put them in, so as to prevent the cosmetics from being hot and cold, which will damage the composition more easily. The shelf life of cosmetics will be longer in a low temperature environment.

3. Sun protection

It is not advisable to store cosmetics in direct sunlight or light, because most of the substances in cosmetics are chemically synthesized, even cosmetics containing natural raw materials will also have some chemical treatments. Strong ultraviolet rays can easily cause chemical changes in cosmetics and evaporate water, changing their composition. The ingredients have undergone qualitative changes. After use, severe skin allergies may be directly caused.

4. Moisture-proof

Some cosmetics contain a lot of protein and honey, which are prone to mildew in a closed environment with high humidity and high temperature for a long time, and some are packaged in glass bottles with iron caps. The iron caps are easy to rust after being damp, which will corrode the cosmetics and make them deteriorate. Try not to put cosmetics in the bathroom, and at the same time avoid placing them near the air conditioner and windows, try to choose a cool and ventilated place.

5. Anti-pollution

Although a batch of anti-corrosion is added to cosmetics to prevent the product from being contaminated and deteriorated, it still cannot be prevented. If it is contaminated by bacteria, it will harm the skin. Therefore, after the cosmetics are used, the bottle cap must be tightened in time to prevent bacteria from invading and multiplying. It is best to avoid using it directly with the hand when using it. Instead, it should be replaced by a press or other tools.

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