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How many types of blush are there?

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According to different dosage forms, blushes can be generally divided into liquid, semi-solid, solid dosage forms and aerosols.

Liquid blush: Liquid blush is a fluid liquid product, including suspension and emulsion, and its matrix systems are dispersion and emulsion.

Cream blush: commonly known as blush cream, it is a kind of bright tone, strong hydrophobicity, similar to theatrical makeup oil, color cosmetics for heavy makeup or actor makeup, there are daily makeup available in the world. Cream blush. Because this blush is easy to use, spreads well and is suitable for dry skin.

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Solid blush: Solid blush is the most common type of blush. This blush is a block product that includes compressing and solidifying powder and adhesive, that is, powder blush and loose powder blush. two kinds.

Solid blush is the most convenient to use, the makeup is even and lasting, and the operation is relatively simple, so it is easier to master and suitable for beginners. However, the solid powder has a strong adsorption capacity and will absorb moisture and oil from the skin, so it is not suitable for dry skin. Generally speaking, it can be applied evenly with the help of a dedicated blush brush.

Gel-based blushes include two types: anhydrous gel and hydrogel. Anhydrous gel is generally based on oil-based gel, and hydrogel is based on water-based gel. It has a jelly-like appearance, is transparent and has tremor elasticity, and forms an elastic film when applied to the skin. Gel-type blushes are naturally transparent and glossy, suitable for natural light makeup. Apply evenly with fingers or sponge.

Aerosol-type blush: Moss-type blush is commonly used in this blush, which generally disperses colorant pigments in emulsions and propellants, and holds them in a metal pressure-resistant tank with a nozzle valve. When applied on the surface of the skin, it can generally form a glossy film with a refreshing texture, so it can make a natural and refreshing makeup. However, the production process of aerosol blush is complicated, so the production cost is high.

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