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How long is the shelf life of blush?

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The shelf life of unopened blush is about 2 to 3 years. If it is opened, it can only be stored for one year. Therefore, after each use, cover the lid of the blusher, do not touch the air and fall into the dust. The blusher will breed bacteria for a long time and may also cause the pores to be blocked.

Blush can be said to be a must-have cosmetic in daily life. It can enhance our good complexion, make girls look more lovely, and make makeup more delicate.

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In fact, in the unopened state, the shelf life of blush is only three years, but if it is opened and already in Use, its shelf life can only be one year, which means that girls must use blush in Use it within one year. If the blush has not been used up and expired, do not use it again even if there is no discoloration and odor.

I don't want to throw away the blush after using it for two years. It's not advisable. I can't use expired cosmetics anymore, no matter how much money I feel. Otherwise, it will easily cause skin problems.

Once the blush has expired, bacteria and bacteria will deteriorate. Continuing to use it will burden the skin, causing clogged pores and even skin allergies. This is not just a matter of money. You may need to spend more money to treat the skin in the future, which is not worth the loss—a feeling. If you don't want to buy blush, you can also use pink eye shadow instead of blush or lipstick. The effect is the same, but you can't do this for a long time, and it will eventually turn your skin into oily skin.

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