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How do you apply makeup to children?

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Before applying makeup, wash the child's face and apply moisturizer or lotion. This step is crucial. A good moisturizer will lay a good foundation for the makeup process before applying the foundation so that when proceeding to the next step, the face will not have dry skin, especially for young children, and it can make the skin look crystal clear.

The first step of makeup: apply foundation. Many people skip this step when applying makeup. This step is crucial. It is best to choose a natural foundation for children to apply foundation.

Operation steps: Use a foundation brush, dot a bean-sized amount on the face, and apply it evenly. It should be noted that it must not be used too much. Green and blue foundations have a good covering effect and are suitable for people with spots or other blemishes. Purple is more suitable for oriental yellowish skin, and white is more suitable for transparent—makeup use.

Children's cosmetics

Makeup Step 2: Liquid foundation and makeup foundation are applied similarly.

Steps: Apply double the amount of the powder evenly on the face. It should be noted that the eye area, the junction of hair, and the forehead should also be applied evenly. Otherwise, other people can see noticeable makeup marks at a glance.

The third step of makeup: is powder. Suppose you want the makeup to achieve the desired effect after completing the above steps. In that case, the third step of applying powder can be omitted, and you can directly apply loose powder to achieve a brightening effect.

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