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How can I get lip gloss that is not sticky and will stay on longer?

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Lip gloss is quick, easy, and beautiful but can also be sticky and smeary. Thankfully, there are simple ways to fix these problems and still enjoy your gloss.

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If you don't exfoliate first, you'll be left with dry, flaky skin instead of a smooth surface to adhere to. One of the easiest ways to exfoliate your lips is to use a toothbrush for removal.Wet the toothbrush and gently brush it in a circular motion on your lips. This will do just enough to peel away the dead skin.

Applying foundation

Applying foundation on your lips may seem strange, but it does add extra staying power to your lip gloss. Dab your usual foundation or concealer on your lips, brush lip gloss on top, and the lip gloss will last for hours.

Use a Matching Lipstick

A matching lipstick, especially one with a matte formula, will help your lip gloss last longer. It will adhere to the gloss, and you will still have the lipstick color once it is gone.

Try a Lip Primer

You use primers on your face and eyes, so why not try them on your lips? While there are primers made specifically for lips, make sure you buy the kind that is free of harmful substances that can be used on your lips. A good primer will give your lip gloss something to cling to and make it shine all day long.

Eliminate stickiness

If your lip gloss is sticky or caked, try running an ice cube across your lips after application. It will make it smooth and remove the stickiness.Another easy solution is to sprinkle fine flour on top, not too much, or it will become caked.

What's our favorite tip for beating a sticky sheen?

Choose a better brand of high-quality lip gloss that is less likely to be sticky and will instead leave your lips smooth, soft, and shiny. With these simple tips to overcome stickiness and keep your lips shiny, lip gloss can be a fun part of your makeup routine.

How to make lip gloss last and not come off

How to make lip makeup not easy to fall off, makeup artists mention that, as long as you choose a lip gloss with a color-holding effect and with the following 3 tips to make lip gloss last longer, you no longer have to worry about lip gloss falling off.

Remember to wipe off the excess lip balm before putting on the lip gloss.

1. Pre-makeup lip care products should be wiped off first

Many girls now know that they need to put on lip care products before painting lip makeup to help smooth and moisturize their lips so that they are not prone to dead skin and dry lines, but some people are prone to lip gloss falling off because of lip balm. The key is to remember to wipe off the excess lip balm that is not absorbed by the lips before putting on the lip gloss! If you don't handle it first, the grease from the lip balm will remain on your lips, making it less likely for the lip gloss to adhere, and of course, it will come off quickly.

2. Double coating method

Most girls on lip gloss, that is, directly lip gloss on the lips, coated with the end, but in fact, many makeup artists will do the following two steps so that lip gloss becomes more saturated and more durable makeup. Here is this simple tip: first, after a thin layer of lip gloss, take a piece of tissue paper and put it on the lips. Use your hand to lightly press the tissue paper over the entire lip, a bit like pressing off the surface of the light, and do not eat the color part, and then apply another layer of lip gloss. Lip gloss will be a more saturated color but also more durable.

3. plus the powder to set the makeup

There are also makeup artists who revealed that the powder could help set a large area of the base makeup and be used in lip makeup. You only need to sweep a minimal amount of the powder lightly across your lips, and it can help lip makeup more durable. You can also take a sheet of toilet paper to cover the lips across the facial tissue with a brush to tap on the powder.