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Face Cleanser

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: TM-C-1
Supply Type: OEM/ODM
Ingredient: Chemical
Gender: Female
Certification: MSDS, CPSR
Form: Cream
Age Group: Adults
Feature: DEEP CLEANSING, Pore Cleaner
Size Type: Regular Size
Skin Type: Normal
Product Name: Face Cleanser
Material: PETG
Size: 5.4*3.8*16.8 cm
Net weight: 100g
Usage: Daily Cleansing
MOQ: 10000 Pcs
Function: Cleaning Face
Samples: Accpet
Service: OEM ODM Private Label
Product Type: Face Skin Care Product


Quick Details:

Place of Origin:  China

Model Number:  TM-C-1

Supply Type:  OEM/ODM

Ingredient:  Chemical

Gender:  Female

Certification:  MSDS, CPSR

Form:  Cream

Age Group:  Adults

Feature:  DEEP CLEANSING, Pore Cleaner

Size Type:  Regular Size

Skin Type:  Normal

Product Name:  Face Cleanser

Material:  PETG

Size:  5.4*3.8*16.8 cm

Net weight:  100g

Usage:  Daily Cleansing

MOQ:  10000 Pcs

Function:  Cleaning Face

Samples:  Accpet

Service:  OEM ODM Private Label

Product Type:  Face Skin Care Product

Product Description:

Wholesale Custom Gentle Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal To Oily Skin 3.4 fl. oz 


 Product Name

  Facial Cleanser









  5.4*3.8*16.8 CM


 Sample Cost

  Sample cost will be   returned in normal order



  OEM/ODM  Private Label



  10000 pcs



  Accpet Custom   Designs

Face Cleanser, also known as cleanser,best anti aging face wash,simple foaming cleanser,belongs to cleansing cosmetics. It is used to remove dirt on the surface of the facial skin, keep the skin fresh and comfortable, and help maintain the normal physiological functions of the skin. It is usually used as the first step in the skin care process.

Belongs to facial cleansing products. When washing the skin, the objects of the facial cleanser are the dirt produced from the body such as sebum secreted by the skin of the human face, sweat, and peeled stratum corneum cells, as well as dust, various microorganisms, and cosmetic residues from the outside. dirt.

These residual metabolites are unstable and can react with oxygen in the air or deposited molecules. When exposed to the sun or bacteria on the skin, various physical, chemical and biochemical reactions will occur, forming some irritating substances that may harm the skin.

best anti aging face wash,simple foaming cleanser