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Eyeshadow wholesale suppliers introduce the precautions for eye shadow selection and use

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Eyeshadow is indispensable for a complete makeup. Eyeshadow can help the overall appearance of the makeup and also characterize our temperament. Therefore, eyeshadow is very important in makeup. Eyeshadow wholesale suppliers will answer the precautions for eye shadow selection and use for you.

In the choice of eyeshadow, try to choose a variety of different colors, which can help you apply many different types of makeup. At the same time, the choice of eyeshadow should also pay attention to the texture and quality of the eyeshadow.

eyeshadow wholesale suppliers

The texture is pearlescent or matte, and the pearlescent will be shining. Relatively speaking, it is not daily enough. For swollen eye bubbles, pearlescent is really unfriendly. The matte is relatively not so good-looking, but it is more suitable for daily use, and it is not easy to step on thunder. The quality of the above brush is determined not to fly powder, and the degree of coloring must be a bit certain.

It is best to apply a layer of loose powder when painting eyeshadow, and choose a better brush, which is softer and has a relative shape, which is more suitable for painting eyeshadow. When painting eyeshadow, because many eyeshadows are well colored, it is best to apply a little less , So that your eyeshadow will not be scary.

The eye shadow painting method is that the color in the middle is relatively lighter, the color on both sides can be a little darker, and the end of the eye must be a little darker at the same time, it will be more layered after deepening. Usually people don’t pay as much attention to eye shadow as lipstick, but if If the eyeshadow can be painted, the whole makeup will actually look more beautiful.

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