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Daily use tips of lipstick

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Lipstick is the most primitive and common type of lipstick. Lipstick is generally solid, and its texture is dry and harder than lip gloss and lip gloss. Lipstick is one of the most commonly used cosmetics for modern women. Applying just the right amount of lipstick on the lips can make people look extra flirty. Lipstick has high color saturation and strong color covering power. Because it is solid, it is generally not easy to overflow due to too deep lip lines. Humans often use it to modify lip shape and lip color.

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The main ingredients of lipstick include wax, oil and pigment, etc. The basic ingredients are inseparable from vaseline and wax, but now there are new formulas without wax. Antioxidant ingredients such as vitamins A and E, as well as SPF sunscreen function, are the selling points of popular lipsticks. If the skin of the lips is more sensitive, it is best to choose a lipstick with natural fragrance and sesame oil.

When many people use a lipstick, they just apply the lipstick on their lips. They don't know the correct way to use the lipstick. There are also skills in using such a simple item as a lipstick.

To be correct, before using the lipstick, you need to use a hot towel to apply the lips first, so as to soften the dead skin on the lips, so that the lipstick will not appear flawed because of the dead skin. After applying the hot towel, it is best to rub it gently on the lips to let the dead skin fall off, but remember not to apply too much force to avoid cracking the lips. Next, use the lipstick to spread evenly along the lip contour. If you feel that the moisture is not enough, you can apply the lipstick several times.

In addition, if the skin of the lips is relatively sensitive, it is best to choose a moisturizing lipstick with natural fragrance and sesame oil. This kind of lipstick does not contain harmful substances, has a pure fragrance, and has no fishy or peculiar smell. This will not cause allergies.

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