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Can the lipstick still be used after the expiration date?

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Everything has a shelf life. Even the sun that seems to be always hot will go out one day. The summer night sky is down in the sky. There will also be a violent collision with Perseus, so how long is the shelf life of the lipstick? Can the lipstick still be used after the expiration date? Let us answer these questions one by one

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How long is the shelf life of lipsticks?

The international definition of the shelf life of a lipstick is 5 years. The shelf life here refers to the shelf life of the lipstick in a sealed state. Once we open the lipstick and use it, because there are factors such as moisture, bacteria and dust in the mouth and air, the lipstick provides a moist environment, which can easily lead to the reproduction of bacteria, so the expert's suggestion is to finish the lipstick After that, please try to use it up within half a year.

Can the lipstick still be used after the expiration date?

According to the survey, many people buy lipsticks back, but they basically can't use them up before the expiration date, and in the end they can only watch half of the remaining lipsticks pass the expiration date. For many people, it is the right way to discard the expired lipstick, because the use of expired lipstick is very likely to cause lip allergies, redness, swelling and ulceration.

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