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Can children apply lip gloss?

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Due to the seasons, children are prone to chapped lips in spring. Chapped lips will make the baby's lips look unsightly and may also lead to children's health problems. So, how to choose a bright lip gloss for children?

So how to choose lip gloss for children? At present, there are many lip glosses on the market. Many careless parents will mistake the cute adult lip gloss for a children's lip gloss and buy it home. This is quite dangerous because the adult lip gloss has chemical ingredients that are not suitable for children to add fragrances. Babies' lips are thin and delicate, so they are easily damaged by this type of lip gloss.

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Can children eat lip gloss?

The lip gloss is directly applied to the skin of the baby's lips, which makes many parents worry that the child will accidentally eat the lip balm when licking the lips. Can children eat lip gloss?

The answer is no. Although children's lip gloss is designed for children, which effectively reduces irritation and is milder, the purpose of using lip gloss is to moisturize the lips, so how can you eat it? Since children's lip gloss cannot be eaten, parents, When choosing, should pay more attention and try to choose a more professional and safer children's lipstick.

Qualified children's lip gloss needs to meet the following conditions:

1. Does not add harmful substances does not cause skin allergies;

2. The fragrance is pure and does not contain odor such as fishy odor;

3. The stick-shaped paste is firm, lubricated but not greasy, with uniform color, and the color of the paste should not be dark or light;

4. Easy to use, easy to apply, can be evenly applied to the lips;

5. The paste has good heat and cold resistance. Under normal circumstances, it will not seep oil when exposed to heat, will not crack or discolor when exposed to cold, and will not shrink or soften within a year;

6. After the paste is applied to the lips, it can keep for several hours without falling off;

7. There is no precipitation of bubbles, pigments, and oils on the surface of the paste; the shell is smooth, and the appearance and packaging materials should be flexible.

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